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XY partners with top brands in financial services to foster marketing opportunities within the financial adviser community

XY is Different

We’re the largest secure digital platform for financial professionals with over six and a half thousand verified members, enabling collaboration across specialties and every major licensee. Our members stay up to date with peer to peer learning, search to find any other adviser, exchange secure messages, and consume valuable content.

Built For Purpose

There was a time when engagement with advisers was seen as non-essential. The business model was relatively predictable – identify advisers who could allocate the most clients to your product, and organise incentives. Most of those incentives are now gone, and what’s left is quickly being eroded. The business model for how companies are engaging with advisers has now changed forever.

XY was created to drive the positive evolution of financial advice. For many years that simply meant peer to peer learning. And for many years the XY team deliberated on the revenue model. We’re very proud to say the way we engage with our corporate clients also matches our mission statement. When we work with product and service providers to create content for the adviser community, we are confident in knowing our corporate clients are contributing to the positive evolution of financial advice as well.

Solution Benefits

Our marketing experts know how to drive results


Achieve measurable and significant bottom-line growth.


Leverage sophisticated analytics and pinpoint results.


Reduce internal leakage and hold on to your adviser clients.


Explore unsurpassed adviser acquisition possibilities.

Financial services has changed. We help marketers make data driven decisions to adapt and achieve results.

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