Building Awareness, Authority and Advocacy

XY was born out of a desire to ensure advisers received value when allocating their time to educational content. If we assume continuous professional development is infact the goal, then we really should have seen the corresponding improvement in advice. As an adviser at the time, myself and the other XY founders simply did not feel this was happening.

We Work With Adviser Advocates

If you think about what advisers need to consider on an ongoing basis, it’s quite the list. Firstly there are the clients themselves. These people pay reasonable sums of money and entrust an expert to guide them through life’s important milestones. It’s no small feat. In order to get there, an advice document is forced through a laundry list of compliance arrangements. Finally after all this work, the implementation begins.

The Problem Statements we Solve

We caught up with a client recently to discuss the upcoming work, and they provided some feedback on the recent article we published titled How Corporate Membership Works. While it gave a clear idea as to what we do and why we do it, one of the lacking elements was the problems we hear from our clients. With that in mind, here’s a follow up to the previous written article with an emphasis on the problems we solve.

The Positive Evolution of XY and our Upcoming Name Change

If I had to wrap XY up into a single word – it would be ‘strange’.  It’s a strange company, with a strange name, a strange beginning, and a strange business model. I think the reason we’re still answering the question ‘what is XY Adviser’ eight years later is because XY is by definition, hard to understand.

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