Creating Adviser Content That Clicks

Creating Adviser Content That Clicks

November 23, 2021

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As FOFA and the Royal Commission has fundamentally changed financial advice over the last decade advisers have been forced to upskill, becoming more particular about the solutions they choose to use for their clients. This has shifted the traditional distribution channels from large aligned licensees, to new gathering points. No longer are advisers funneled into solutions. Like other professions before them, advisers now go to market and source the best.

Since XY is an adviser-first platform, the way we speak to advisers looks a little different from traditional banner ads and other social media platforms. Rather than simply promoting a logo and a tag line, our goal is to dive into the pressing issues advisers are facing, and produce solution orientated content to help solve those problems. Our clients choose to work with XY, because we are the centre of adviser conversation in the market, and we understand adviser problems deeper than anyone else.

Our client success team has put together this guide to help your team of marketers create standout adviser content that clicks.

Stay on the pulse.

With the ongoing changes in financial planning, speaking about a topic more than a year old is generally already yesterday’s news.

Prepare to get your hands dirty in the detail.

Advisers more than ever are experts across a range of topics from investing, insurance, compliance, sales, and marketing. While advisers spend their time trying to get away from technical language when speaking to clients, it’s completely fine when speaking to financial advice professionals. Remember, this content isn’t for clients, so being precise and accurate in your language is preferred!

Tailor it to the avatar you want to speak to.

Advice has entered a new realm of specialisation as video meetings became the norm over the course of the pandemic. Proximity is no longer the main selection criteria for neither an adviser, nor a client. As such advice is moving further into the realm of expertise. And the better advisers are becoming at speaking directly to a specific audience, the more they expect this from their own providers. XY allows you to not only create specific content, but to ensure your adding value to your ideal market.

For more tips on how to create precise content internally, check out the latest topics trending with advisers.

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