How XY works with Agencies

How XY works with Agencies

February 27, 2022

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At XY Adviser we work from a first principles point of view. This means we don’t typically fit into spreadsheets, as we are not typical media. At each stage of XY Adviser’s growth, we have always let the data guide us. Our business model is to drive the positive evolution of financial advice, and we pursue that with unwavering zeal. We didn’t set this company up to advertise. We don’t believe in banner ads, nor report on CPMs. But we do believe in working with great companies doing great things. We report on engagement and ROI, and e take pride in our corporate clients growth alongside the skillset of financial advisers. We are also very confident in our product.

For our clients who use agencies however, it can be tricky to get on the same page. Over the course of the last couple of decades, advertising has been simplified down to getting a logo and a banner in front of as many people as possible. But we don’t bombard advisers with logos and banners – we create content experiences advisers actively seek. It’s why our online environment rapidly became the #1 destination for financial planners in Australia. We verify every member to ensure we don’t allow DIY investors on to the platform, and as such – keeping our environment pristine from client acquisition has built the high trust environment our members now benefit from.

As our clients are some of the biggest companies in the world, occasionally we do work with agencies. We sat down to piece together what we’ve learned so far, and to provide the best way for agencies to work with XY Adviser.

What are agencies looking for?

Agencies are paid to achieve two central goals: build brand and build leads. Brand building is a tricky concept. Platforms and outlets ultimately rub off on to the brand. And the promotional environment has an impact too. Brands shouldn’t be aiming to be one of many in a sea of logos. They should be aiming to stand out from the crowd. There’s no better way to be seen as a commodity, than to exist as a commodity.

What makes XY Adviser different?

We are tech company who provides content creation, and content distribution options. We are the centre of professional conversation for advisers in Australia, and the top source of resources. There’s no where else for an adviser to go to, to get in front of thousands of other professionals, and solve a problem. They can then head over to the resources section and begin accessing free files and education to get moving immediately.

How do we work best with agencies?

As the centre of conversation for financial advisers, we also act as the voice of financial advisers. Often times when companies are researching and releasing content, they manage to miss the voice of the adviser. It takes an adviser to understand an adviser, and we ensure what advisers are focused on does not fade out into the ether. When we create content with our clients, we aren’t guessing what will land with advisers. We know. So while agencies will know what the primary goal of a marketing and sales campaign is, we know why advisers will care. If an agency has a target audience, we know what this target audience considers important.

What tips do we have for agencies?
  • Do you have a potential adviser you’d like us to reach out to? If they are an influential thought leader – they will probably already be a member of XY.
  • What’s your content development funnel like? Do you have an existing content calendar we can line up with?
  • Do you have research already in publication we are able to repurpose, or do you need help with putting ideas together?

We are here to support new initiatives and readily available for conversations, proposals, or recommendations for your review. Contact us here to discuss options.

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