The latest Adviser Marketing Trending Topics

The latest Adviser Marketing Trending Topics

November 9, 2021

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We talk about it all the time: advisers are a notoriously difficult audience to reach. The good news is, as adviser experts, XY knows what resonates. Here are the topics that are trending right now with the adviser audience.

Staff and HR

The number one biggest problem a successful and growing practice needs is a talent acquisition strategy. Growing firms need more than just new clients. In fact, the most successful firms do not have a client funnel issue at all, but rather a talent acquisition issue. Some of the most popular files in the Resource Centre on the XY platform are files dedicated to helping advisers know what salaries are appropriate, and how to provide great working environments. Any help in regards to this will achieve cut through.

Client Acquisition

Helping advisers grow is equally the most common issue advisers face along with efficiencies. What kind of content can you create to assist with this problem? Considering the majority of advisers are financial planning experts rather than marketing experts, when product providers spend time helping advisers with this common problem, they achieve stand out.

Advice Process Efficiencies

Mastering an efficient advice process is the most common issue for advisers with over seven years of experience. This makes sense as the early days in advice is all about getting your head around how to attract a certain type of client, and ensuring your service model reflects their problems. Once an adviser has had the chance to settle into their niche, then begins the long journey of trialling out different tech solutions to efficiently take a client from introduction through to advice delivery.

Crypto and digital assets

With a new asset class launching out of an abyss of unknown, it’s no wonder advisers have not staked their reputation on being in ‘first’. As these historical concerns are now making way to mass adoption, there remains a huge gulf in understanding. If there is a way to link what you provide to this revolution in technology you’ll achieve cut through.

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