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Our solutions and strategy experts work together to help financial services companies engage meaningfully with advisers to create impact.


As the largest and most engaged platform for verified financial advisers, our written content is one of the most engaged with elements of the XY ecosystem. We provide two options:

How audience keeps up to date with important news and research. This element of the ecosystem launched to provide a way for industry and corporate thought leaders to share their value. Our client success team works with your internal team to sculpt the message in a way that delivers the most value to advisers. As we created an environment bereft of click bait headlines, there is not a requirement to compete for attention. As such, the content is highly editorial rather than advertorial in nature.

Solution Resource

Our content experts take solutions your company has created and connects them to data-driven problems for your ideal market. Our client success team does the heavy lifting in terms of research and creation, and stores the content as a trusted resource on the XY platform – attaching your company to the value and providing CTA click thoughts to your desired location.


The number one downloaded podcast in Australia for financial advisers produces a number of podcasts on a weekly basis. We provide two options for broad-based brand awareness, and ability to own a message in the market.

XY Podcast
A staple marketing option for many years, the XY Podcast is a widely popular way to get your campaign in front of many advisers at once. We’ve gathered a large subscribed following, and a high level of ongoing listenership, providing an easy channel to help get your marketing message out.

Thematic Series
A more recent addition to the podcast product suite is the five-part thematic series. Our client success team works with your team to discuss themes, topics, questions, and guests. A brand representative is also included in the guest list to ensure your company is attached to the message.


Telling an important story can have a profound impact on advisers. We can help shape a message around your company directly, or around an important adviser or industry story that needs telling.

We can facilitate easy options like Zoom interviews to provide behind the scenes additional information to other XY content, or conduct in-depth interviews. We like to humanise the important people behind the scenes in your company, and facilitate an emotional connection to those who release the products advisers use on a daily basis.

There are times when an important story needs to be told, and it can be difficult to get the whole story across. Our client success team can help take an important industry topic, or inspirational adviser story, and draw out the meaning for advisers. In turn, linking your company to the pivotal work completed.


XY events have become a cornerstone of the industry event calendar with over 50 held across the country at this stage. Events provide the largest exposure and lead generation in the entire content suite.

XY on Tour
Where we hit the road and complete a tour of six events over the course of a number of weeks. High levels of exposure are coupled with a guest list, and a unique experiential activation to incentivise adviser interaction.

Boutique PD Day
As the advice landscape has fractured, advisers who typically gained their CPD points for the year during regular PD days have had it taken from them with transitioning from largely aligned licensees to smaller independent licensees. Our boutique PD days provide an efficient way to regain the ability to speak to many advisers at once.


We facilitate the ability to grow your relationship with your clients, by providing a dedicated area to provide value. If you want to provide an uplift or advantage to those already engaging with you, and act as an attraction mechanism, our client success team can have you up and running efficiently and effectively.

These areas are entirely within the control of your company. Your team enjoys full ownership of the rules and regulations, the files uploaded, and the extent of peer interaction.

Custom communities are not visible to anyone on the platform until your team gives an invitation. This provides the confidence of knowing only those your team allow to login will view your content. Removing old users is as simple as adding them to ensure the purpose of your community maintains viable over the long term.

The financial services industry is under-indexed on digital marketing, and in the early stages of a much needed decades-long technological shift.

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